Relieved Hood River Sellers

Back in 2012 my wife and I moved from Hood River to Portland for an exciting job opportunity. We wanted to sell our house before leaving, however because of the slow real estate market it just wasn't possible. Since that time we had been renting out our home, which was stressful with all the other demands on us - being parents, working full time, going to school and being so far away from the property. In addition to being stressful, we were losing hundreds of dollars every month on the home and struggling to pay the mortgage. We knew if we continued to rent out the home, it would be impossible for us to move forward financially or seek another home for our family in Portland.
When we finally decided to try to sell our home again in October 2014, we knew that this time it had to be a success as we could no longer afford to lose money every month. Thankfully, we took comfort and courage in knowing that Andrea was going to be our relator. We had known her professionally for the seven years we had lived in Hood River and had sought out her advice and guidance many times. We knew that with all we had riding on selling our Hood River home, we needed someone capable, hardworking, and honest.
Not only was Andrea willing to take on the challenge, she was excited to do so. When we talked to her about it in the beginning she was optimistic and excited. She was also very real with us about the listing and the process. She warned us about the market and the challenges that were ahead, however she never wavered on her determination to sell our home quickly. I went into this transaction with full confidence in Andrea because of her support over the years, kindness, willingness to help, full disclosure and knowledge of the market and our situation.
Throughout our process Andrea treated us like we were her only client. Although she was very busy with multiple transactions and other obligations, I truly felt like we were her only client. She returned emails and phone calls immediately and she moved very quickly on getting our home on the market and shown. There were trying times throughout the process and even times I was extremely discouraged, but I knew Andrea could not be working harder for my family.
Because of Andrea's confidence, resilience, knowledge, persistence, honesty and organization, we were able to sell our house within three months. The amount of paperwork, phone calls and emails that had to be taken care of were enormous and Andrea never faltered in her enthusiasm or motivation to sell the home.
Even after the sale of the house, there were some questions that came up with the buyer and I felt completely helpless, but she was there to help us out. For two weeks after the sale when I had a question about something she was there to return my call, email or text message...even over the holidays! She even worked with the local companies in Hood River to help us out after the sale of the home.
There is no doubt in my mind that Windermere Hood River is a better place because of Andrea. She truly is a one of a kind individual and an excellent relator. We would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a realtor with integrity and with the drive and determination to make even the most unlikely sales possible.
Thank you Andrea for being the person and the professional that you are! We wont forget the hard work you put into helping us sell our property!
Sincerely, The Springer Family